Experiential Learning
CSL Co-curricular and Service Learning Courses

Under the new curriculum from 2019/20 cohorts onwards, a new key component, namely Experiential Learning, will be integrated into the GE domain. It is made up of Experiential Learning Courses (ELCs) and Co-Curricular Service Learning Courses (CSLCs). 
CSLC(s) provide students with an opportunity to engage in learning in action and through action in real-life or work-place context while complementing, connecting with, and mirroring their learning experiences derived from formal curriculum. In 2019/20, 4 CSLCs are selected to be offered as pilot run for the new curriculum.
Students from existing cohorts (cohorts 2018/19 and before) are encouraged to enroll in these pilot courses. 

Course List^


Course Code Course Title
CSL1008 Exploring Workplace Competency  
CSL1027 Enriching English-learning Environments in Hong Kong Schools 改善香港學校英文學習環境
CSL1035 Language Carnival 語文嘉年華
CSL1042 Community Service-based Learning in STEM Education  


^The offering of the pilot CSLCs depends on the decision of the hosting departments. The courses contained therein may be offered in any semesters.

(Last updated on 7 May, 2019)