Experiential Learning
GEL Experiential Learning Courses

Under the new curriculum from 2019/20 cohorts onwards, a new key component, namely Experiential Learning, will be integrated into the GE domain. It is made up of Experiential Learning Courses (ELCs) and Co-Curricular Service Learning Courses (CSLCs). 
ELC(s) encourage students to learn through experimentation, observation, reflection and (re-)conceptualization while undertaking a wide variety of activities. In ELC(s), students learn to identify creative possibilities or alternatives of prior experience, and gain out-of-classroom experience. In 2019/20, 3 ELCs are offered as pilots for the new curriculum.
Students from cohorts admitted in 2018/19 and/ or before are encouraged to enroll in these pilot courses. Upon completion, students are free to substitute any strand of the GEBCs with a maximum of 6 cps*. 


Please click here for the details of ELC timetable.

Course List

Course Code

Course Title

GEL1001 Exploring Hong Kong’s Rural Heritage and Nature  
GEL1002 Experiencing Ecological Sustainability in Metropolitan City  
GEL1003 Love’s Work- Cultivating Relations with Care 愛的功課-用心栽種關係
GEL1008 Organisation of Life Wide Learning Activities 全方位學習的組織
GEL2010 Conservation and Management of World Heritage  


*Grades students receive from ELC(s) will be counted towards GPA. 
^The offering of the ELCs depends on the decision of the hosting departments. The courses contained therein may be offered in any semesters.

(Last updated on 7 May, 2019)